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925 Sterling Silver Square Sugar Super Sparkle Ring 8A Ice Flower Cut

925 Sterling Silver Square Sugar Super Sparkle Ring 8A Ice Flower Cut

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Ethereal Symmetry: A Tale of Prismatic Elegance

In a realm where light bends to the will of beauty, there exists a collection of treasures as mesmerizing as they are exquisite—the square gemstones. Glimnail Jewelry unveils a collection inspired by this harmonious symmetry. Each gemstone embodies the essence of ethereal elegance, capturing the allure of refracted light and the captivating charm of geometric perfection. Adorn yourself with Glimnail's square gemstones, and let their prismatic beauty adorn your being with a symphony of colors, where every angle reveals a new facet of divine artistry.

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5A grade zircon and 925 sterling silver


1.For best results, make sure your jewelry are the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.  Chemicals in perfumes and lotions can cause your jewelry pieces to dull.

2.Store jewelry in air-tight bags/containers.

3.Remove jewelry before working out and/or swimming in salt water or chlorine.  

4.To clean: use a damp or dry microfiber cloth to remove skin oils or dirt. Do not submerge your jewelry.

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